Creating economic and social value for patients, staff and business owners in the health care field.

Health Care Advisory

Health Care Consulting

The growth of the population and the growing demand for health care services bring huge challenges and chances for health care providers worldwide. The challenge is to manage growth for the organisation, making the costs effective system in place, optimize value for patients and minimize risk in the treatments. When these areas are treated well the chances of success in the industry is visible.

We bring proven systems and processes in running health care organisations (hospitals, elderly care facilities, home care systems) to you and create values for patients, company owners, staff and the society. Our main services are:

  • – Minimizing risk in treatments/care processes for hospitals and elderly care facilities
  • – Implementing Riskmanagement systems and processes
  • – Providing Strategic and world class designs for systems in offering care services worldwide
  • – Approaching effective methods to attract staff for your company
  • – Placing meticulous system for public offers in the health care field (maximum result – minimum costs)
  • – Building up the organisation structure of hospitals and elderly care facilities (working processes, documentation, responsibilities)
  • – Assisting to adapt new methods of the digital world (telemedicine, tele-care)

Do not hesitate to contact our team in case your system looks for new health care experts within your budget.


Speaker – Lecturer

In our daily work it is very important for us to be well connected to Universities and education companies in the health care field. In critical discussions with students we can create together new knowledge for stakeholders of healthcare industry, especially patients, owners, staff and in the public sector as well. It is also most important to be a focus for people in the health care field with latest changes and knowledge. Our speaking and lecturing topics are:

  • – (European) health care systems
  • – Risk management for hospitals, elderly care facilities and home care systems
  • – Legal aspects of health care services (worldwide)
  • – Health care professions responsibility in the medical and care process
  • – Economic effects and challenges in providing health care services for the public sector

In the above segments, Reinhard Gruber personally has huge experience in University teaching and speaking at conferences.

easy lecturers and enjoyable discourses are known for its creativity, significance and efficacy.

Do not hesitate to contact our team of health care experts with a request for your education program or conference.

Business Relations

The health care market is now one of the fastest growing markets worldwide. So it brings a lot of business possibilities and opportunities for companies and business owners every day. At the moment it´s a potential field to realize business projects and also create value for the society.

With our expertise, experience and knowledge of international health care systems and markets we can support you in the following topics:

  • – Offering health care services in another country (from the first plan to feasibility studies)
  • – Supporting to implement new technologies in hospitals and elderly care facilities
  • – Checking the market, possibilities and risks in your country with this prospect
  • – Connecting you and your company to potential customers and investors or corporate
  • – Organising local staff with the needed qualification
  • – Marketing new products in the health care field in Europe (e.g. food supplements)

Do not hesitate to contact our team of health care experts with your idea or plan.  We will revert to you shortly with adequate review of your project.